Environment groups fear censorship over tax-free status

Freedom Press

Photo: markemark4/flickr Photo: markemark4/flickr

Voices for climate action in Canada and Australia are hearing a chilling message: stop challenging government policy or have your charitable status revoked.

By Alison Potter

In June this year, the Liberal Party federal council unanimously recommended stripping NGOs of the ability to receive tax deductible donations, and MP George Christensen called for a ” “cleansing” of the Department of Environment’s list of those organisations eligible to receive tax-deductible gifts.

Blair Palese, CEO of climate campaigning outfit 350.org told Freedom Press, “These are very worrying signs, they are worrying not only from the NGO perspective and the freedom we have to comment on issues of concern, but also from a straight democratic point of view.”

“They really are looking at limiting the voice of the public and individuals concerned about specific issues. It’s not only NGOs who should be concerned, all of Australia should be worried.”

She says moves to strip environment…

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