Your every location is being recorded

Freedom Press

Most people don't know that their movements are recorded. Photo: Just Ard/flickr Photo: Just Ard/flickr

The government has its sights set on records of your daily travel in its wishlist of stored data. But do you want to reveal such private information?

By Alison Potter

If privacy laws and the metadata furor seem a little esoteric, you may change your mind after trying this creepy or cool function from Google.

Login to Gmail at the Location History webpage and Google will regurgitate a plotted timeline and map: a detailed history of your every movement for the past 30 days.

It’s a minute by minute record of where you’ve been with your phone or tablet. This data infers where someone lives, their habitual movements, where they work, where and with whom they eat, drink and socialise, what medical assistance they sought, businesses visited, and any political or religious gatherings they attend.

Take a look at ‘Sean’s’ (not his real name) location history map…

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