Freelance Focus, the Walkley Foundation’s conference in Brisbane

By Anastasia Koninina.

Noah Rosenberg, the founder, CEO and editor-in-chief of Narratively presented a very insightful speech and shared tips for beginning freelancers as he advised always to look for a story which would inspire the audience to read. Narratively already has 2000 photographers, videographers and reporters, and he said that they hope to build themselves as freelancers.

Trent Dalton, who writes for the award-winning Weekend Australian Magazine in the Australian newspaper enthusiastically advised new freelance journalists to be loyal to their reader and always take into account why the reader should care about this particular story.

Writer and author John Birmingham was part of the great panel along with Brisbane screenwriter Michelle Law and writer Natalie Bochenski. Mr Brirmingham shared his insight into the world of social media, particularly Twitter and said that it is important for journalists to put personality in a trend. Although he said that Twitter was considered to be a professional tool for journalists, ‘Facebook” is more friendly while Michelle Law warned that for every harm a writer does (on social media), it does it onto someone else.

It is not a secret that John Birmingham published a book He Died with a Felafel in his Hand and with the success of this book, his pay ‘jumped’. He said: “It was presumed because I was coming with the audience built in”.

Kurt Felkenstein was one of the delegated guests at Freelance Focus.

In this photo: Former Landline EP Peter Lewis and Anastasia Koninina

In this photo: Former Landline EP Peter Lewis and Law student and former W.F. Intern Anastasia Koninina


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