Freedom Press brings fresh perspectives and coverage of the increasingly tangled debates about free speech, press freedom, censorship, privacy, whistleblowing and all things in between.

Tensions are escalating between the people’s rights to uncover and share hidden information that is in the public interest, and the rights of governments and other agents to delve into our own private information.

Legal frameworks are being instituted to deal with a changing landscape that includes colossal new amounts of data to investigate people and organisations, as well as new threats from extreme religious groups.

Public conversations about the value of privacy and security, and the integral role of quality investigative journalism in a free and healthy democracy have never been more complex or more relevant in Australia.

Freedom Press is here to help.

The Team:

  • Nicholas Adams-Dzierzba – A freelance reporter with bylines in The Australian & The Weekend Australian, The Canberra Times, Time Out Sydney and Film Ink. Nic is currently a staff writer for Purpletone.co.uk whilst undertaking a Masters of Journalism at UTS. Focusing on embedded storytelling his video journalism has covered  bicycle couriers, motorcycle clubs, comedians and medieval re-constructors.
  • Matt Bungard – An online journalist with the Sydney Morning Herald and post graduate student at UTS. Matt is concerned with censorship of arts and literature and believes in a more open government. He’s also firmly against the banning of any books, films or video games from public consumption.
  • Alison Potter – A journalism post graduate student at UTS with a background in magazines and conservation. Interested in researching and writing about public policy debates on many topics. Among other matters, Alison is highly concerned about climate change (putting it mildly), and the integrity and freedom of the Australian media to inform and debate openly without fear or favour.
  • Grace Wye- A Masters of Journalism student at UTS and a freelance journalist, Grace has film, radio, print and online experience and believes that a free press is essential to healthy democracy.
  • Anastasia Koninina




Photo: dreamwhile/flickr

Photo: dreamwhile/flickr


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